Free Jacksonville Classifieds

Free Jacksonville Classifieds

Free Jacksonville Classifieds

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The free Jacksonville classifieds site we previously had online was very old and outdated so we were in favor of putting up a new online forum for residents of Jacksonville Florida. Our new Jacksonville Forum allows for classifieds and interesting articles for everyone.

Forums are fun, entertaining, and often informative. What they are not however is a good advertising platform for business needs. That is what easy online classifieds does and does well.

That is good for you as a Jacksonville resident as it makes sharing whatever you post within our pages easy for your Facebook fans and other social network buddies alike. Since most Facebook users get on Facebook from their Cell phones and Wifi tablets it is critical that what you refer to them is mobile friendly and viewable on their mobile device.

Essentially what we offer are free Jacksonville classifieds, business listings, and news articles for all of Jacksonville Florida as well as the entire USA. When you create your listings you are actually creating a mini web site. Unlike the popular Craig's list many of you are familiar with, the creation form has many fields to complete.

The fields in our creation form are designed to help you achieve success whether you are placing free Jacksonville classifieds ads or are placing your Jacksonville business in our directory. Designed for speed, mobile readiness, and built with automatic SEO optimizations built in for great results in the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

When you create your account with us you sign in, choose the service plan you wish to create a listing under, select a category, and then begin creating your web site. We have categories designed for business as well as casual ads such as Craig's list. The main difference is that our service is designed to get a business listed well in the major search engines while Craig's list is NOT.

Our service is also a search engine which makes it easy to find what you offer right here as well as in the major search engines.

  1. Free Jacksonville classifieds which are truly mobile friendly and the fastest in the USA
  2. Low cost professional level Jacksonville business listings in an easy to use Yellow page style directory
  3. Automatic search engine optimizations are built right in - Just add your content
  4. Tips and advice available throughout the creation process by seasoned webmasters/SEO pros

It really is simple to obtain a page 1 listing in Google using our service because all the elements needed are available and already there for you. Your site will be properly coded and fast (more points in Google just because of that). You Main Home page for your listing here with us will have the SAME URL (Link) to it as your sites Mobile version.

That makes Sharing your site here a simple matter no matter what device your viewer is using. In short we help YOU give Google and your viewers alike exactly what they are looking for. So feel free to sign up, login, and create your free Jacksonville classifieds or pro business site today. You will be glad you did.

Also check out our new realty network at:

Free Jacksonville Classifieds

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