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Fecn News

Free Florida Web Masters Classifieds Forums Community News

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We are a Florida web masters resource and listing service for St Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville area web professionals. This site is a CMS (webmasters already know what this is) which is setup to allow Web professionals the ability to sign up as a member here and post their services, tips and tricks of the trade and more.

This site is going to be redone in the near future and will function much the same as Easyonlineclassifieds (where you are now). The reason is simply that Easy Online Classifieds is much more mobile ready, faster, and overall easier to use by the members placing business and news listings than our older Florida Webmasters site ever was or could be.

All it takes is time and money to make the move over to a new platform to serve all your online news, classifieds, and business listing needs.

Free Florida Web Masters Classifieds Forums Community News

Fecn News
10065 Baylor ave
St Johns County
Hastings, Florida 32145
United States

Our Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am -5:00 pm | Sat Sun - closed
Phone: (386) 329-1962
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