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The fastest, most mobile friendly local classifieds, news, and business search in the USA! All local classifieds, news articles, and business listings as added within our service are mobile ready and super fast loading on your mobile device.

We save you time and money when you need to find something from your tablet or your cell phone when out and about, or while sitting at your desk.

Bookmark us as your favorite local classifieds and business mobile search engine of choice. Feel free to post classifieds from your home based computer which will display perfectly for all your Facebook friends no matter what device they are using.

Because we incorporate a 'special web site builder' made for mobile website creations when you post classifieds within our service they display well organized, easy to read, and are easy to do business with. Even our free ads can perform well for your small business as seo optimization is built in and designed to make Social network sharing easy.

Simply type in on your mobile phone, save it as a bookmark and enjoy fast and easy to use results for finding a local business, garage sales, classifieds, job listings, news articles and more.

Made in the USA, we help small American businesses compete
In ways no other service in America can.

For everyone:

Simply type in what you are looking for in the keyword field. You can tailor your results by adding a city, county, zip, or state for highly targeted search results. Business listings are searchable by Business name as well.

Choose our Advanced search option to search for Photos, Coupons and specials, or Search documents members may have added within their listing.

If you enter a search term in the find what field, and a zip code in the location field you can then select a mile radius for your results and the results will give you an estimate of how far away the listing is from that Zip location.

You can also browse categories, or search by U.S. States. Our search works the same on our home version as it does on our Mobile version. Even our free classifieds listings display nicely and work well on any device you are using.

All Business News Classifieds search results are mobile friendly

For members:

To add your local classifieds, simply create your account, login, and post your classifieds under the classifieds service plan. Unlike other classifieds listings services, you are creating an actual web site about what you offer when you sign up and create a new listing within our service.

For your American based business You will do well to create a business listing under our Bronze or Gold service plans.

To compete today you must have a web site which is mobile friendly and faster than your competition. Join the A team in speed and mobile readiness (We prove it too) by adding your business right here.

That web site must also be easy to find in Google and Bing. That is what we offer.

Fact is sites added within our service are among the fastest in their industry to load on any device. Your business pages display front and center (no ads) with the features your viewers and the search engines want the most.

The major search engines ARE penalizing sites which are not FAST to load and mobile friendly. Is yours? Take the tests which will show 95% of this pages viewers just WHY you need to have your business listed with us. Run the Checks

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Resident or business in St Johns County Florida? Join our new Social network. Fun to do, informative, and effective for local businesses. Facebook and Twitter like in features and function but unlike either - designed to get your stuff seen and sold.

We suggest signing up logging in and that you first create a Free ad under the free ad service plan. Doing that allows you to review our tips and HOW TO sections as well as to get a Feel for how the service is setup. Then when you are ready, create a business site about what you do under our Bronze or Gold service listing plans.

Because you are creating a web site just like any web site is a business expense, you can write off the cost at the end of the year and our price range is also affordable to anyone in any business model.

Easy online classifieds is an American owned company

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All our free classifieds ads, news articles and American business listings are mobile friendly across devices such as smart phones and tablets alike. When you sign up and post free classifieds you are really creating a unique web site about what you offer rather than yet another simple classifieds ad. Your web site contains the elements needed to do well in Google and Bing and the elements your viewers expect and like the most in a quality web site.

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